Huntsville’s Municipal Government is structured according to the the Mayor-Council form of government which consists of a Mayor, elected at large, and five City Council members elected by district.

The mayor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the municipality; he oversees municipal employees, makes sure that bills are paid on time, executes municipal contracts and, in general, performs many of the same functions as a CEO of a private corporation.

The council has authority over the finances and property of the municipality. The council establishes policies, passes ordinances, sets tax levels, determines what sorts of services the municipality will offer and has authority over all other legislative aspects of municipal government.

The mayor is not a voting member of the council but can veto any permanent action passed by the council. The council can override the mayor’s veto with a two-thirds majority vote. The mayor has the authority to hire most municipal employees, although certain positions require confirmation of the city council. The City Council appoints Municipal Court Judges and members of Boards and Commissions.