The Huntsville Report
April 8, 2023
The Huntsville Report
April 8, 2023

Topics of Note

City Council block votes on 36 items without discussion, review them here.

Public Hearing Set for April 27 to consider zoning and rezoning of Jordan Lane and Memorial Parkway areas

City Council uncritically received a presentation from the Community Action Partnership which is failing to reduce the number of families relying on handouts.


City Officials Present:

Tommy Battle, Mayor of Huntsville

City Council Members Present:

Devyn Keith, District 1, Councilman

John Meredith, District 5, Councilman & President of the Council

David Little, District 2, Councilman

Bill Kling, District 4, Councilman & Third Presiding Officer

City Council Members Absent

Jennie Robinson, District 3, Councilwoman & President Pro Tem (family health)

City Council block voted on 36 agenda items without discussion.  

Those items can be reviewed on the HSV city website at by clicking on the links forAgenda, Agenda Packet, and Minutes.  The items voted on include setting dates for public hearings on zoning decisions, taxi services, city contracts with various venues and consultants, disposal of surplus equipment and other miscellaneous items.  Please contact The Huntsville Report at if you have questions or inquiries about any specific item.

Public Hearing Set for April 27 to consider zoning and rezoning of Jordan Lane and Memorial Parkway areas.

On April 27th, three areas will be considered for zoning or rezoning: Jordan Lane, Memorial Parkway and Young. The 2.14 acre strip of land shown below along Jordan lane will be rezoned from residential to commercial.

Along Memorial Parkway, an 81.55 acre will be rezoned from Residence 1-B (Single Family), General Business C-3, and Heavy Industry to Residence 2-A (Multifamily) and Highway Business C-4.

And 4.5 acres of land not previously zoned between Hwy 431 S and Wade Road will be zoned as Highway Business C-4.

Other Items in Public Comment

Tom Borcher, addressing recent concerns over the approval of an apartment complex at the intersection of Garth and Four Mile Post, asked the council to consider requiring impact fees for new developments.  Impact fees are one-time fees that municipalities assess against new property developments, especially those that bring in new residents, to fund infrastructure improvements.

Next Meeting

The next Council session will be March 23, 2023.

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